Envision RISE

Connecting the Dots: How Envision RISE Evolved from IpX

July 02, 2021 Envision RISE Episode 10
Envision RISE
Connecting the Dots: How Envision RISE Evolved from IpX
Show Notes

In this week’s episode, Envision RISE’s Staci Hegarty and Michael Benning, IpX Vice President of Organizational Change Management (OCM) illustrate how Envision RISE was born from IpX’s 30+ years of experience as a leading enterprise transformation company whose passion for people of the people, processes, and tools framework grew into its own practice. Michael and Staci describe:

  • How weak OCM creates disconnect and disengagement between leadership and staff and what successful OCM looks like
  • How Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) are less representation and more the celebration of backgrounds, ideas, and thoughts to drive problem-solving and innovation by making the workforce feel valued, heard, and respected
  • How concepts and approaches within IpX translate to Envision RISE 
  • The financial, cultural, and resource impact of improving DE&I in an organization 

To connect with us to learn more about how our RISE platform helps companies make a commitment to promote diversity, inclusion, equity and create an environment where your people are empowered to drive change and innovation: https://bit.ly/EnvisionRISE.

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