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Running at Your Own Pace with Linda Harvey

April 09, 2021 Envision RISE
Envision RISE
Running at Your Own Pace with Linda Harvey
Show Notes

On this week’s episode we get to know Linda Harvey, President, Global Core Strategies and Consulting. Linda speaks with Envision RISE’s Global Director of Equity & Inclusion, Staci Hegarty about her esteemed career in the military and how, after retirement, she stepped out on faith to become an entrepreneur. After college, Linda was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Military Intelligence branch and sent to Arizona for training where she was one of two Black females in her class. From there she was stationed in Hawaii as a Battalion S1Personnel Officer of a unit of over 350 soldiers and civilians, where she found her love of all things Human Resources. After a few years as a Company Executive Office, Linda became a Company Command, where she applied the advice she received early on, “we don’t have to sprint all the time.” Linda shares what it’s like to be a female leader in the military and what she’s learned in her career including: 

  • The importance of running your own race and being true to yourself 
  • How women in leadership feel like they have to do extra to have a seat at the table
  • Letting customers set the pace to figure out what they need
  • How being an introvert and seen as being quiet in leadership lends itself to being a great listener
  • How being quiet in leadership can be a superpower noting that, “when quiet people speak, people listen”
  • The importance of lifelong learning and intentionally working to always find your voice and the power of instilling that in youth

Learn more about Linda and her organization, Global Core Strategies and Consulting: https://gcs.consulting.

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