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Ron Harvey on Meeting People Where They Are

March 10, 2021 Envision RISE Episode 3
Envision RISE
Ron Harvey on Meeting People Where They Are
Show Notes

Envision RISE Podcast Release: Ron Harvey on Meeting People Where They Are
Our latest episode features Ron Harvey, VP/COO, Global Core Strategies, and Lifecoach alongside Envision RISE’s Global Director of Equity & Inclusion, Staci Hegarty. Ron shares his experiences and rich history as a leader in coaching, a military career, and a business owner. As a coach, Ron strives to meet people where they are and measures his success on the success of those he coaches. In creating a more diverse and inclusive society, he encourages us to open our doors, hold our loved ones accountable, and examine our own history and beliefs. Staci and Ron take a deep dive into:

  • The expectations of Black people, Indigenous peoples, and people of color (BIPOC) to assimilate in professional and personal settings to white culture 
  • How white colleagues can show up for BIPOC 
  • The expectations of Black business owners & executives to be the spokespeople for all people of color and not as individuals
  • The cultural and professional pressures of how to show up as a Black executive
  • Existing systemic roadblocks in financing and certifying businesses owned by BIPOC and the disenfranchisement of businesses for BIPOC
  • How systems built for equity now do the opposite
  • How to expand your network and connections to people different from you

Learn more about Ron and his organization Global Core Strategies and Consulting.

Connect with us to learn more about how our RISE platform helps companies make a commitment to promote diversity, inclusion, equity and create an environment where your people are empowered to drive change and innovation. https://bit.ly/EnvisionRISE

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