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Andromeda Turre on Growing up Jazz and the Power of Music for Diversity

February 16, 2023 Envision RISE/Andromeda Turre Episode 35
Envision RISE
Andromeda Turre on Growing up Jazz and the Power of Music for Diversity
Show Notes

 #EnvisionRISE Podcast | We’re joined by musician, educator, and SiriusXM Real Jazz Radio Host Andromeda Turre who describes her work in diversity, equity, and inclusion through the arts community and her program “Growing up Jazz,” which aims to teach jazz history, its influence, and its impact on culture. Andromeda and Staci discuss jazz music’s relationship with systemic racism, the role of jazz in understanding the African experience in America, and the importance of embracing diversity in making the world a more interesting place. Andromeda shares her experiences and influences growing up in a family of musicians and activists who helped spark her drive.

Resource: Andromeda recommends Leroy Jones' book "Blues People" for those interested in understanding the influence of the African experience in jazz.

Learn more about Andromeda, her Growing Up Jazz Program, and hear her music: https://www.andromedaturre.com/

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